How to Expand your Business by Leaps and Bounds

If you are reading this article then it is safe to assume that you want to expand your business by leaps and bounds. A great way to strengthen your business is to write a book and sell it. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, writing a book may be the easiest step for you because selling your book requires knowing special promotion techniques geared towards your book. Lets look at different ways you can promote and sell your book that have proven successful for many entrepreneurs just like yourself.

First, set your book up to be a lead generator. An increase in leads will allow you to expand your business by leaps and bounds. When you sell your book, collect the name and contact information from your customers. This begins the relationship with your customers and increases your quality mailing list. You can send free items, such as bonus reports and CDs, to entice your customer to purchase more products.

Second, your book should have your website and contact information in it. Encourage the customers to visit your website for free information. At your website you can capture their personal information on a power squeeze page. Customers can also recommend your book and website to friends, family, and colleagues.

Third, you can work with a promoter to round up mailing lists and sky rocket your sales ranking on Not only can you receive new leads, but your partners will also benefit from the partnership. New leads can lead to several lucrative deals in the future. In essence, everyone in the partnership wins.

Fourth, check out on a daily basis as they add new features. You need to keep up-to-date on any new Amazon features that may help you sell your book. Other ideas to help promote your book include finding people that will interview you as an author. They will then provide you with a CD. You can send this CD to customers who have purchased your book or offer it as a free bonus with your book.

Lastly, dont forget that you will need a media kit. A media kit should include your biographical information, picture of book or actual book, and contact information at a minimum.


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